Boosterberg strategies: Effective budget allocation

Posted on August 31, 2018 under Uncategorized

The main idea of Boosterberg is to promote and allocate your money to the best performing Facebook posts. Posts that are popular have larger reach, higher CTR, and lower CPC. Hence, by promoting these popular posts you can reach larger audience for less money.

Boosterberg gives you an option to automatically recognize and separate the best performing posts and promote only these posts with an additional budget. To do this, you will need to create multiple ad sets within an ad account and differentiate the ad sets with boosting conditions. You will also need
to make use of Boosterberg’s advanced settings option.

The easiest way to recognize and promote popular posts is to create two ad sets. The first ad set will boost all new posts on your Facebook page. You can allocate a certain percentage (for example 50%) of your total advertising budget to this ad set. The stop condition of this ad set will include a certain Total Reach value, which only your best performing posts meet (you can find this by analyzing past performance of your Facebook posts). After your Facebook post reaches this value Boosterberg will automatically pause this post promotion.

The second ad set’s starting condition will include the Total Reach’s value for which your first ad set was paused. The second ad set will be able to use the rest of your advertising budget and it will recognize and promote only your top performing Facebook posts that managed to reach a certain amount of people within the initial budget.
These well performing posts deserve to be promoted with additional resources, because of their potential to create more value for less money.

Let Boosterberg make your Facebook Campaigns more effective

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