Setting up a new campaign

Once you have registered and verified your Boosterberg account you are ready to create a new campaign and boost your posts.

Go to the website and sign in with your Facebook profile and choose the belonging Agency account. You will be redirected to the Boosterberg Dashboard.

On the Boosterberg Dashboard click on the green Boost New Page button. Here you will have several options to choose from:

  1. Choose a Facebook Page for which you want to promote posts
  2. Choose an Ad Account which shall be charged after promoting your posts
  3. Set up your Budget and Targeting – a new pop up window will occur where you can choose:
    1. Audience and demographics of your target group
    2. Budget of your new campaign
    3. Placements where boosted posts will show
  4. Set up your boosting conditions (conditions that need to be met to promote your posts)
    1. Basic Settings – with this option you CANNOT specify exact boosting conditions. This option lets Boosterberg automatically promote your top performing Facebook posts based past performance. If you are looking for a low CPC and very optimized budget where only the best posts are promoted then choose the option Top 10%, or Top 20% of posts.
    2. Advanced Settings – with this option you can choose from specific boosting conditions and provide Boosterberg with information when and what specific posts you want to promote. For more information about what conditions to select and how, please read our next guide article.
  5. When done click on the Submit button to finish the set up process