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Some frequently asked questions:

How will I be charged for my promoted Facebook posts?
In order to use Boosterberg, you will need to have advertiser access to your company's Facebook page, and advertiser access to your Facebook Ad Account. Your payments for boosting Facebook posts with Boosterberg will be billed directly by Facebook. You can manage your billing options in your advertising account on Facebook. We only charge a fee for using Boosterberg based on your subscription package.
Is Boosterberg only for professional online advertisers?
No. Everybody that publishes content on their Facebook page and wants results can use our automation tool. Boosterberg offers an easy-to-use basic setup for an everyday Facebook user. For experienced advertisers, there are advanced boosting options available to automate post boosting based on pre-defined conditions. We also offer an email support service for all users, including an initial one-on-one setup meeting for your first Boosterberg campaign.
What do I need Boosterberg for anyways?
Boosterberg is an automation tool for Facebook post promotion. If you publish content to your Facebook page, than you have probably noticed that you are only reaching a small fraction of the fans of your Facebook page. That's because Facebook limits the reach of your content. In order to reach a larger audience, you need to promote your content with paid advertising. This can be pretty time-consuming, especially if you publish a lot of content and you are manually promoting it. Boosterberg does this paid promotion automatically while delivering even better results.
What if no longer wish to use Boosterberg?
You can cancel your Boosterberg subscription at any time. You can do so on your own through the Boosterberg admin interface. Your campaigns will stay active until the end of the billing cycle. After that, you will be able to find your past Boosterberg campaigns in the Facebook Ads Manager.