To boost or not to boost a post on Facebook?

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Boosting a Facebook post means distributing your post to more people. That’s exactly what we want to achieve on Facebook. We want to spread our content to as many relevant people as possible.

Facebook page management

If you manage a medium or large size Facebook Page (100,000 or more fans) then you have probably noticed that Facebook is distributing your content to approximately 5% of your page fans. If your Facebook page has 100,000 fans, only 5,000 of them will actually see your post when you publish it. To reach more of your page fans you need to “boost” your posts. Boosting a post means promoting a post in the form of paid advertisement. By investing more money into post boosting, you can reach more people and get better results.

Boosting a Facebook post

Boosting a post means distributing your post to more people. That’s exactly what we want to achieve on Facebook. We want to spread our content to as many relevant people as possible.

When you create high quality posts that engage your audience and bring in sales, you shouldn’t be afraid to show these posts to other people. Especially to people that are more likely to become your customers such as your current page fans.

Your page fans are the most relevant target audience for your business. That’s why they gave you a page like in the first place. They like what you do or what you sell and they want to receive more of your content. It would be a pity not to show it to them. Hence, it should be your priority to show your content to all your page fans. Unfortunately, with current Facebook algorithm it is not possible to do this organically. Showing your content to all your page fans can be achieved only by boosting your posts.

When to boost your Facebook post?

As your Facebook page grows bigger and attracts more fans, it will become more difficult for you to distribute your content to all your fans. Bigger pages will need to boost their posts to get to their current customers. Otherwise they are missing out on communicating their company information with the majority of their most relevant audience.

You should also make use of boosting when you are building up an audience or you are looking for new customers. By boosting your posts, you can choose to distribute your content to people outside of your current page fans. You can analyse similar characteristics of your current audience and by selecting the right targeting options you can distribute your content to new potential customers.

When not to boost your Facebook post?

Boosting can be expensive. If you don’t have good posts that don’t deliver good results you need to first improve the quality of your posts before you start spending money on promotion.

A good strategy is to first publish your posts to see how your current audience reacts upon it. If you see positive organic results, it is advisable to boost your post. If your post performs well organically, it will perform well when promoted.

Boosting a post with Boosterberg

Manually boosting your Facebook posts can be very time consuming. Especially when you publish several posts every day. You need to constantly check your post performance to see whether you should boost it or not. You also need to go through all the steps in Facebook Ads Manager to create a successful post ad. With Boosterberg you don’t have to do any of this.

Boosterberg will automatically evaluate your Facebook posts and based on pre-defined conditions Boosterberg will decide whether it should boost your posts or not. When set up correctly, Boosterberg will efficiently distribute your advertising budget across all well performing posts. You will see increased budget efficiency, improved results and substantial decrease in work hours spent on Facebook post boosting.

Let Boosterberg make your Facebook Campaigns more effective

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